How We Are Different

REMAX is a unique concept in estate agency, for you to understand the difference between the traditional estate agency models and RE/MAX we have briefly highlighted the main differences below:


Corporate agencies offer training but pay their negotiators the lowest salaries and commission, this, in turn, means that they tend to attract people who are new to the industry, the least experienced agents. Typically, a new agent will work with one of these larger companies for a couple of years before being recruited by an ‘independent’ estate agency.


Independent estate agencies are companies that are privately owned, With less red tape and administration costs than the corporate counterparts, these companies can afford to pay their negotiators a little more and consequently can choose the better negotiators from the large corporate firms. Even with better salaries the ‘independent’ estate agents still pay their negotiators a basic salary and commission, meaning they still get paid even if they do not sell your property.


RE/MAX have gone one step further. Unlike traditional estate agencies whose staff are paid a salary regardless of whether they sell properties or not (topped up with a small commission), our associates effectively work as partners in the company, sharing the business costs, and solely being paid commission on the properties they sell.

This means that we attract only the best estate agents in the area, those who are exceptional at selling property. This in turn means better quality of service, better selling prices and less stress and fuss for you.

Traditional agents set impossible sales targets for their staff which acts mainly in the best interest of the company whilst neglecting the needs of the customer.

RE/MAX take time to understand your needs and provide a bespoke service helping you meet your goals. You are not just a target to be met but a real person/family with aspirations.

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